Thursday, June 25, 2015


Mwanaisha is an elderly Muslim woman in Watta community in Tana River County in northern coast of Kenya.  Lucy and Janet met her as  they visited her village in the month of March 2015.  Here is their story:

As we went round doing outreach, we entered a certain village known as Watta.   We visited various families and preached the Gospel to them.  As we entered one of the homesteads, we found some ladies preparing foodstuff to cook.  They gave us a warm welcome mixed with curiosity as we appeared strangers to them. We introduced our names and told them we were preachers.  We went further to ask them whether they had heard or known prophet Isa.  “Yes” they replied.  Janet asked, “How do you know him?”  “As a prophet who did miracles” one lady replied.  We took note of that quickly and asked them whether they would want Him to perform a miracle for them.  They told us that their grandmother who was inside the house had been ailing for the last three years.  She had a swollen stomach and was not able to eat anything.  She had survived on fluids which most of the times she would vomit out.  They had taken her for medical treatment but the doctors had failed to diagnose the disease.  They had all lost hope of her living and were just waiting for death anytime.  They requested for prayers so that Isa may heal her.  They took us inside their house where their granny of about 75 years was sleeping facing the wall. When we tried to speak to her, her voice was not audible and we couldn’t communicate.

Lucy and Janet during ministry times

Janet has basic experience in medical field since her mother was a nurse and used to train her on various diseases.  In this case, when she observed Mwanaisha closely, she was able to detect that she was suffering from liver cirrhosis.

We were really moved with compassion and our faith got stirred up.  We prayed intensively for about ten minutes, rebuking all sickness in her body.  Then suddenly, her stomach shrank.  We stopped praying and began to give God thanks for the healing miracle on Mwanaisha.

All this time her four granddaughters aged between 17 and 20 were watching saying nothing.  They were stunned by that occurrence as they had been very desperate of the state of their grandmother. We turned to them and asked if they would want to receive Christ who had healed their granny.  Without argument or further discussion they all agreed without hesitation.  We led them in prayer of repentance as they gave their lives to the Lord.  After, we sat down to encourage them and explain further the Scriptures.

 It was really an inspiring moment as we sought deeper into the Word of God.  When we rose up to go back to our missionary base, the ladies requested us to go back again and have more Bible teachings.  We made plans to have weekly Bible Study in their home.

75 year old Mwanaisha

One week later we went back to Watta village.  This time there was a different scenario on Mwanaisha.  She sat on her mattress talking merrily with her granddaughters. She couldn’t hide her joy when she saw us.  It was a great time together as we focused on the goodness of God.   Before leaving, we spoke the message of eternity to Mwanaisha and like all her four granddaughters, she opened her heart and received Jesus in her life. 

Tana River has recently experienced strong insecurity issues as some people have been attacking others at gun point.  This has moved the government to ban movement during various hours.    This has restricted our visit to various villages including Watta.  However, we met one of the relatives of Mwanaisha on the road one day and she informed us that Mwanaisha had fully recovered and was doing well. We earnestly long to see her soon and we are looking forward to the day when the curfew will be lifted off from this region.
To God be all the glory.


Takaungu is a small rural village situated on the Kenyan Coast in Kilifi CountyThe population consists of Swahili Muslims, mostly living in or near the town center and a sizable Christian community in the countryside that surrounds it.
The primary languages are Kigiriama, used predominantly by the local Giriama tribe (part of the broader group of Coastal tribes called Mijikenda, meaning "nine villages") and Kiswahili.
For the past one year, Ukunda Mission School has commissioned three lady missionaries to spread the Gospel in this particular region.  Gladys worked here until she moved to a different locality and Angel replaced her.  Hellen is the eldest of them but strong and energetic with unquenchable zeal to reach the lost.  Victoria Ulomi has worked tirelessly alongside them. These three have witnessed the power of God working upon them and here is one of their exploits:

As we were walking on the road one day during our outreaches, we found a certain man whom we came to know later as Sharo sleeping by the road side half unconscious. On the side was a woman standing and watching in confusion as what to do next.  We got concerned and drew near to inquire what was going on. We could hardly hear the man speak as he kept touching his stomach.  The woman explained to us that Sharo was having stomach problems. He could feel something grip and move from the lower part of his abdomen to the upper part causing severe pain.  

Gladys Mwikali prays for divine healing on Sharo

He had been in this tormenting situation for four years and sometimes it would become unbearable and he would writhe in pain. Sometimes he could take a stone, heat it in fire and then rub it on his stomach to relieve pain. This had left him with ugly marks on his body.  He had visited various hospitals for medical treatment but nothing had worked.  The doctors could not diagnose the sickness but gave him some medication to ease pain.

Hellen Thairu prays on

It was a pathetic situation as the man looked helpless with no hope for anything.  It was a pitiful situation and we struggled to hold back our tears as we listened to the story.  Since there were people passing by, we asked the Lord to give him strength to be able to rise and walk in the nearby church where we could minister to him without interruptions. God heard our prayers and after few minutes he gained some strength and rose up and slowly we walked to Kaoyeni Church.  

We laid our hands on his stomach and began to pray for divine healing.  Immediately, he began to roll on the ground uncontrollably in a very strange manner.  We persisted in prayer vigorously until he calmed down.   We took our breath for about ten minutes and then he rose up. 
The first thing he asked for was a place to relieve himself.  He went and came back excitedly muttering these words, “this is a wonder! This is a wonder! I have not been relieving myself for a long time!  This is a wonder that I have been able to relieve myself. You are servants of God!”

Sharo rejoices at the healing power of God
At that point, the wife to pastor Michael who was with us in Kaoyeni church ministering, rushed into her house and prepared some porridge and brought it to him. Immediately he finished the cup of porridge he ran back to the restroom.  He came back still excited with the wonder of being able to relieve himself. 

He expressed how happy he was to be able to take porridge without suffering stomachache.  He told us that since he got sick, anytime he could see food, his stomach would begin to ache. It had been a very bad situation that had robbed him the joy of living.

After, we took opportunity to preach to him the message of salvation and asked him whether he would like to receive Jesus in his life.  He was more than ready and therefore we led him to salvation.  We advised him to be coming to Kaoyeni church where pastor Michael was in charge. Wednesday seemed favorable since there was a church fellowship going on. This would be appropriate for him for he would be taught the Word and at the same time we would have time to disciple him.

His home was a bit far away from this church and since he had not gained enough strength to walk long distance, pastor Michael offered to be paying for his motorbike transport every time he would come.  Sharo obeyed and began to attend the church fellowship. After three consecutive attendances, we got committed to other matters and we could not make it for the fellowship.  Therefore we left him under the care of pastor Michael to nurture him to spiritual maturity.

Every time we inquire of him, we receive good report of his healing and spiritual growth.  He has become a committed member in Kaoyeni church and never misses a service. We praise God for using us to reveal His unfailing kindness to a total stranger on the road.  Glory be unto Him.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Would you like to be a student at Ukunda Mission School?

The time of the year has come when Ukunda Missions School looks for a new class of students.  Ukunda Missions School is looking for highly motivated men and women who are willing to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in difficult places.   Ukunda Missions School offers an intensive, seven month training course that will teach you to minister effectively to the unreached peoples of Africa and Asia.

School begins in September.   We are going to invest a lot of resources in a small group of only 25 students, in hopes that those students will be come unstoppable ministers of the Gospel.

 If you think that Ukunda Missions School might be the place for you, get in touch with us immediately.  Send us an email at  and ask us for an application form.  Or call Agatha, the school secretary, at +254714970678.

We are also open to the possiblity of international students from other parts of the world becoming part of this year's class.

Ukunda Missions School Graduation

On March 28th, 2015, UMS held its second graduation.  If the success of this class approaches the success of the first class, they will be very successful indeed.  Thirteen of the students from the first class that graduated in April, 2014 are now very effective missionaries, working in difficult places.  They have hundreds of testimonies of miracles and salvations, often among unreached peoples.  Pray for the class of 2015 that they will succeed abundantly, and do exploits in the nations of the earth.

Here is an introductory video that Wilson made that was played during the graduation.

Thursday, March 5, 2015



Duruma community is found in the South Coast of Kenya.  It is located in the interior parts of Kwale County.  The place is quite remote characterized by scarcity of water, poor infrastructure and lack of adequate social amenities. Different faiths predominate here including traditionalists, Muslims and Christians.

The Duruma largely maintain their traditional family-village farming and herding life.  Many children are malnourished, and malaria is rife.  The Duruma are considered to be about 30% Christian. Literacy, however, is only about 50%.  Girls get married as early as twelve years.  Missionaries found one woman of about 40 years of age who already had great grandchildren.


Traditional religion is strong in this land and it is evident as you walk around.  Most people have charms openly exposed in their necks, wrists, and waist.  It is meant to protect them from an evil eye and ward off wicked spirits that may try to harm their lives.  Traditional shrine is also found in the area where elders go to make sacrifices to appease the ancestors.  They have a resting day known as 'Jummah'.  The elders have it that everybody should rest and and no working at.  In case they find anybody doing some work like tilling the garden, they get you out and make you pay heavy fine.


When Pastor Emmanuel of East African Pentecostal Church was confronted one time in his garden by these elders, he stood his ground and informed them that he is a Christian and obeys the law of the country not of particular tribe group.  They got furious and threatened to take the matter further and inform the local chief.  He was not moved and waited boldly to face the consequences but nothing was done and nobody dared to threaten any more.  He has since gone round freely doing his chores as he desires any day of the week.  He has also encouraged the believers not to fear or compromise their faith on the ground of traditional observance.

Welcome dance in Duruma land at Pastor Ernest's home

However, the Duruma people are very welcoming and love foreigners. They are moderately responsive to the gospel.   Pastor Ernest Korir has been working here as a missionary for few years and has gradually been transforming the community holistically.  They have in turn loved him and incorporated him as one of them.  They have given him their native name and called him Tsuma.  The villagers talk well of him everywhere and even those who are not born again consider him as their pastor.  In early February, he hosted the students from Ukunda Mission School for few days to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Where they spent the nights

When the first group of students arrived, they were warmly welcomed with jubilant songs and dances.  It was so marvellous that it gave the students new energy to speak the Word of God with a lot of joy.  It was quite adventurous for them as they adjusted to some living conditions such as sleeping out in tents, walking long distances in the scorching heat of the day and bathing with dirt water.  All because of love and the passion for the lost in this land.

Wilson trying to get network from a high place

Public dance at Mgomani

The students were undeterred by living conditions but combed the area sowing the seed of the Word of God.  They had to wake very early in the morning to begin the work which involved person to person evangelism, public worship and would sleep late at night after airing Jesus film. Sometimes they would sleep as late as 1.00 am.

Public worship at Vigurungani Village

Nevertheless, their labour of love were rewarded by having many souls accepting Jesus Christ in their lives.  Many others were healed and delivered from various infirmities.  It was refreshing to see God Himself at work in this region.  The locals are truly thirsty for God.  It was discovered that there are many who have not heard about Jesus.

Carol preaching to Mgomani villagers

When Mary the student leader at UMS led her group for outreach, she asked one woman whether she knows Jesus, she answered, "I do see  Him in the pictures".  Almost similar case was experienced by the previous class of students in the same region during their outreach.  One missionary tried to explain to a man about names that are written in the Book of Life. The man innocently asked, "are you the one writing them?"


Isaac preaching at Vigurungani Centre

Public dance at Vigurungani Centre

A villager dances to the tune

Definitely there is need for more labourers in this vineyard.  The ground is ready and the harvest is ripe.  We pray to the Lord of harvest to send them soon.                                               

Crowd watching Jesus Film at Vigurungani village

Victor ministering to the crowd after airing Jesus Film

Friday, January 16, 2015


Missionaries from Ukunda Mission School have been reaching out to inmates in Kwale Prison.  This is where a twenty four year young man known as Kennedy Njoroge got in contact with them. He had been charged of stealing offense which under the Kenyan law was supposed to serve a two year sentence.  In prison Kennedy used to preach to his inmates though he was not born again. After the encounter with missionaries he did not receive Jesus then but he believed God for amnesty. God answered his prayers and soon afterwards he was released from prison after serving only one and half years in prison. 
Ken sharing the Word with Kwale inmates

Kennedy speaking to the inmates in Kwale Prison

Not knowing what to do with his life now that he was determined to live a clean life; Kennedy decided to find the whereabouts of missionaries to help him start a new life and grow spiritually.  

He managed to locate the school and was granted accommodation and the necessary guidance. It is here that Kennedy gave his life to Jesus and few months later he was back to the same prison to tell his former inmates of a new life he had found.

Today, Kennedy is one of the students in Ukunda Mission School with a vision to reach the hard-lined criminals.  With the grace of God we believe it will come to pass.

Kennedy conducting Discovery Bible Study with inmates

Ken Ngoje assisting inmate find a Scripture
Wilson teaching the inmates of Kwale Prison

Reading the Word together

Catherine and Olivia teaching the Word to the inmates


Chad Chai hails from Giriama community in Takaungu (Kilifi County).  Even after civilization having reached many years before in this region, Chad Chai and some of her people have not fully embraced it. She is a traditionalist who worships her ancestors and doesn't attend any church.  She hasn’t been convinced as to why she should be fully dressed.  Though many have tried to offer clothes and convince her to dress up, she sometimes wears but removes them soon afterwards. She feels she wants to extend her traditional beliefs to the next generation.  Her age is unknown but is estimated to be in her sixties.

Chad Chai preparing her meal

When Takaungu missionaries from Ukunda Mission School first saw her, she was working in her farm some distance away from their home.  At first they were shocked thinking she was insane, only to discover she was a nearby neighbor in her full sound mind.  They became compassionate and discussed among themselves how they could help her live and dress like the rest of society and more so know about the Savior.   They approached her and made a good relationship and invited her to their missionary base. She was excited of the concern and few days later began to visit them. She has since visited them severally and discussed many issues.  

Hellen, Victoria and Gladys have brought her close and shown her the unlimited love of God.  Through this, Chad has  developed great interest to learn more about God. She pays them many visits and is very eager to learn. Missionaries’ faith is undeterred as they believe soonest possible her life will be fully transformed inside out. facebook

Friday, November 21, 2014



Hussein is the firstborn in a Muslim family of seven children. When he was five years old a coconut fell from a tree and hit his head. He got severe brain damage which made him lose speech and coordination and had stunted growth.  His family couldn't raise funds for his treatment and Hussein had lived in that state for ten years.  He couldn't go to school like the rest of children nor play with his peers. Hussein was completely withdrawn and kept crying without any reason. The mother kept hoping that a good Samaritan would come along and take Hussein for medical treatment.

 In one of local outreaches in the month of June 2014, a team missionaries from Ukunda Mission School led by Pastor Ken Ngoje bumped into their home where they were warmly welcomed by their mother. After a casual chat she explained  his case.  The missionaries then took time and explained to her the love of God and His power to heal.  She was desperate for her son and could do anything that would restore his health. She therefore allowed them to pray for him and the whole family without hesitation.  Pastor Ken prayed fervently and declared healing upon Hussein in the Name of Jesus as the rest believed with him.  After prayers, there was no tangible evidence of any healing upon Hussein but Ken assured them that God had began his work of healing upon him and they should expect changes from then on.  Numerous visit to the home were made afterwards with more prayers made and Bible teaching.  Two months later Hussein's family began to register tremendous changes on him.  He had become active, joyous and above all, he was able to speak few simple words.  It was a great encouragement to the missionaries.  Five months afterwards, Hussein can now speak properly and coordinates things well and is whole like any other normal child. He has also grown tall and strong as per his age. The last time we visited, we didn't find him at home for he had gone to get water for domestic use from the neighborhood. When he came back, he was very excited to see us and began to demonstrate the skills of one of the sports he had been trained by his uncle.

The mother has given her life to Christ and joined Ukunda Mission Church.  She has also introduced them to her elderly mother and her elder sister's family whom are attending Discovery Bible Study together with her at least once or twice a week. To God be the glory.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How does a man who has never read the Bible or visited a church come to salvation?

So much has been happening here at UMS, that it is difficult to keep track of all the testimonies.  Literally hundreds of Muslims have given their hearts to Jesus Christ during the past month.  Many people have been healed.   There has also been more than one crisis, but God always makes a way to go forward in all situations.

I know I have not done a very good job of keeping this blog updated, but I will try to put up at least a  few posts during the next few days regarding some recent testimonies.

Bukhari is a young  Muslim man who lived near Ukunda Mission School.  One month ago, Bukhari started have dreams and visions that turned his life upside down.  In one of the dreams, Bukhari  saw a book with a cross on the cover.  In the morning, he told his parents about the dream, and they told him that they needed to consult a witchdoctor with him to discern the dream's meaning.  Bukhari refused this suggestion, convinced that a witchdoctor could not help him.

The dreams continued, and Bukhari became more and more unsettled.  His family began to suspect that Bukhari wanted to become a Christian.  Eventually the confronted him.  They chased him from his home, and told him to never come back again.

Now  Bukhari roamed the streets of Ukunda, looking for food to eat and a place to stay.  A woman invited him to come and stay with her in her house.  Bukhari didn't feel comfortable with the situation, but in the end he went and stayed with her.

Two days ago, Bukhari had another dream.  In this dream, he saw two people clothed in red.  They carried the same book with the cross on its cover.  They told him that nobody would help him except this book.  Then they handed over the book to him.  He tried to read it, but then he woke up.

When he woke up at midnight, he heard worship music playing nearby.  The students at UMS have been spending nights in prayer, usually praying between 12 and 3am.  We worship and pray together.  Bukhari heard the worship music playing, and he couldn't sleep.  The woman he was with asked him what was wrong, and he told her that he had received a terrible dream that he would explain in the morning.

In the morning he shared the dream with the lady.     He told her that he felt that what they were doing was wrong, that it wasn't right for them to continue sleeping together.  He told her that he wanted to become a Christian.   When the woman heard these things, she became enraged, and her face became pale.   She told  Bukhari to go and take a bath while she prepared tea for breakfast.

When Bukhari returned from his bath, he discovered that the woman had put his clothes in a pile and set them on fire.  She told him to go to the UMS school and let those Christians buy clothes for him.  She warned him that if he went to the church, he could never return to her again.

It was now Sunday morning.  Bukhari really wanted to go to the church, but now the only clothes he owned was his towel.  So he left the house clothed in his towel.  Eventually one of his old friend had mercy on him and gave him some clothes.

At 4pm on Sunday afternoon, Bukhari e arrived at Ukunda Missions Church, and told the students, "I want to give my life to this Jesus."  After praying with them and giving his heart to the Lord, he questioned them, "Isn't there something else that Christians do when someone becomes a Christian?  Isn't there something that you do with water?"

The students explained water baptism to Bukhari.  He responded, " I don't want to go home with incomplete salvation.  I want to be baptized!"

So on Monday morning, Bukhari arrived at the school to be baptized.  The students offered him breakfast, but he refused, saying "I will not eat until I have been baptized."

And so yesterday we baptized Bukhari in the Indian Ocean.

Monday, December 30, 2013

The Vision of Ukunda Missions School

For those of you who have been following this blog, I hope that the vision of Ukunda Missions School has become clear to you. 

The Lord is doing something powerful in Kenya.  Many Kenyan Christians are being mobilized to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.  In the future, where will missionaries come from?  How many Americans are willing to risk their lives, leave everything, and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in difficult places?  Unfortunately, not very many.  On the other hand, there is a great mobilization taking place in Africa.  African Christians are being called by the Lord to leave everything and preach the gospel. 

You can compare this to the parable  that speaks about the laborers in the vineyard (Matthew 20:1-16).  The owner of the vineyard came in the morning hours, looking for laborers to work in his vineyard.  Some responded to this call, and he promised to pay them a day's wage.  Later on in the day, he came  again looking for laborers.  And again at the end of the day, he came again looking for those who would labor in the vineyard.

 In the same way, the Lord has been looking for laborers who will work in His vineyard.  In the early hours of the day, at the day of Pentecost, He called the Jewish people, and some left everything to go and work in the harvest fields.  As history progressed, the time came when He called the British to go into the nations of the earth and preach the gospel.  The British sent thousands of missionaries into the earth.    Then the Lord visited America, and thousands of Americans responded to the call and went into the nations. 

Now, the day is coming to an end, and the Lord is still looking for laborers to bring in the harvest.  Unfortunately, many Americans,  Britains, and Jews, are no longer willing to respond to the call, so the Lord turns to Africa,  In Africa, there are thousands of willing laborers, who are willing to leave everything, to risk their lives, and to go and work in the vineyard of the Lord.  This is the vision of Ukunda Missions School, to help mobilize the African church in missions.  If we are successful, thousands of missionaries will be sent into the difficult parts of the earth.  Thousands of missionaries will be sent into Islamic nations, to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ with signs and wonders following.   

Those who are called to labor late in the day will be paid extra, more than they seem to deserve.  I believe that the missionaries whom God is calling and sending from Africa in these days, will walk in amazing grace, amazing miracles and power.   When others have grown tired and weary from their labor, those who are called late in the day will work wholeheartedly to bring in the final harvest.  

I am extremely encouraged by what has already been take in place in Ukunda Missions School.  Already, laborers are being trained here.  Already, they are beginning to bring in the harvest.  They are already planting churches in Islamic dominated areas.  They are already preaching the gospel without fear.  If we are able to continue working in this vision, many missionaries will be mobilized.  

If God enables you, would you consider giving a generous gift to this ministry as this year comes to an end?  I know that there are many worthy ministries that need your support, but I also know that God is doing something special here.  If the Lord lays it on your heart, please listen to His voice and give whatever he tells you to give.  

In January, we are beginning a three week evangelistic outreach into Islamic dominated areas along the coast of East Africa.  I believe that during this outreach, hundreds of Muslims will open up their hearts to the Lord.  Some will be chased from their homes as they do so.  We need to help them find places to stay, to train them, and then send them out again to preach the gospel.   Please prayerfully consider helping us in this endeavor.

If you would like to invest in this ministry, you can click on the paypal button that is on the sidebar.  Or, you
can send a check to:

More of Jesus Ministries
595 Old Hershey Rd.
Elizabethtown, PA 17022

Please indicate that your gift is for "Ukunda Missions School"

I will be coming to the USA on January 13, and staying for two weeks. If you would be willing for me to share the vision of UMS and the testimonies of what is happening here with your church, please contact me at   

Return to Belgium

Well, as 2013 comes to an end, I decided I needed to return to Belgium and spend a few weeks with my family.  One of the most difficult things about being a missionary are the times when it becomes necessary to travel alone for extended periods of time.   I only do this when I am certain that the Lord has spoken to me.  I know that if I am following His voice, He will take care of my family.  I thank God that every time He asks me to travel for extended periods,  He also speaks clearly to my wife. 

Elisa and Walschap

The Lord has certainly taken care of my family.  I am back in Belgium now, and I see my daughters becoming women of God.   Yesterday Elisa led worship in our church in Brussels, Capitol Worship Center.  At moments in the church service, there was such a strong, tangible presence of the Lord.  When Elisa sings prophetically, the glory of God begins to manifest.  


Our daughter Ruby experienced a real spiritual breakthrough this year.  Ruby (14 years old)  is very different from Elisa (16 years old).  Elisa is to some degree an introvert.  She enjoys spending hours alone with the Lord as she worships and studies the word.  Ruby is quite a people person, always surrounded by friends and invited to all the parties.  If you put her alone in a room and expect her to make good use of her time, you might discover that she spent all her time texting her friends. 
Ruby has always exhibited a lot of love for friends and family, and a commitment to the Lord.  However, during the past year we became concerned about her spiritual life.  It seemed that although she was a wonderful daughter, she didn’t seem to be very excited about spiritual things.   Her life seemed to revolve around her friends.  As any father of a teenage daughters knows, this can lead in troubling directions.

That all changed this past year.  A youth group started up in Brussels, attended by a lot of English speaking youth.  For the first time in her life, Ruby has many Christian friends.   And somehow, her spiritual life has really changed.  Every time I called her from Kenya, she told me about the scriptures she has been reading, and the things they are studying in youth group.   She has become so excited about spiritual things.  Yesterday, as Elisa led worship at our church in Brussels, I watched Ruby weeping and weeping in the front of the church.  When I asked her later what had happened, she told me that God had touched her, and that her heart was filled with an overwhelming sense of gratefulness as she saw the gift that God had given her when Jesus died on the cross.

Julie riding Walschap
And finally, Julie (9years old) is growing up.  Julie is such a unique child.  There is something very special about her, in the way she talks to God and follows Him.   She loves the family pets, especially Walschap the horse.   Walschap is enormous.  Julie always looks so full of joy when she rides him.


In everything, I am very grateful.  Ilona is a wonderful wife, and has taken such good care of things while I have been gone.  I see God’s hand moving so strongly upon my family, and I know that our best days are ahead of us.  

Friday, December 20, 2013

Traveling with Francis

While the students were embarking on their three day mission trips two weeks ago, I decided I shouldn't just sit alone at the school.  I decided to join my friend Francis on a ministry trip.
I met Francis on the streets of Mtwapa a year and a half ago, while I was preaching on the streets there.  When I met him, he insisted that we work together, and that I come to Tana River where he was ministering.  You can read about my first trip to Tana River HERE.  Since that time, we have been working together, and I have really come to appreciate his boldness.  He called me today, and told me that he was preaching on the streets of Garissa.  For those of you who don't know anything about Garissa, the Muslims there are far more aggressive than our Muslim neighbors here in Ukunda.  Garissa is near the Somali border, and there are many Somalis there.  To preach on the streets there is risky indeed.

In any case, I decided to travel with Francis to Nairobi.  This seemed like a fairly simple trip, with little potential for excitement, but I felt the Lord leading me to go.   I travel frequently between Nairobi and Mombasa.  It is about an eight hour journey.  The only danger is the numerous deadly automobile accidents that take place on a daily basis.   The road passes through Tsavo National Park.

In any case, as we approached Nairobi Francis wanted me to stop and visit some friends of his that lived nearby.  He assured me that the road to their place was good.  So we left the main road, entering a place known as "Lukenya".  We traveled a few kilometers on a road that got worse and worse.

  Soon, this was my view:    

  Francis wanted me to follow this footpath with my auto to get to the town where his friends lived.  Needless to say, my confidence in his driving instructions was dwindling.  Saw some wildebeest running around.

Some kids in Lukenya.  

The Roman Catholic cathedral of Lukenya

We finally made it to a small settlement inhabited by stoneworkers.  I was impressed by their labor in the hot African sun.  A skilled stoneworker can cut about 70 of these stones in a day's time, work that will earn him about $6 or so.  The next time you feel like complaining about your job, you might want to watch one of these guys!


The rock quarry

Finished stones, ready for sale

Francis preaching in Lukenya

Francis immediately started preaching and praying for people.  I joined him.  Here he is preaching in the open air, without any kind of sound system.  After preaching, one of the women insisted that we stay at her family home, which she said was just nearby.  It turned out to not be so near.  We ended up driving 15km on very bad roads in the middle of the night.  Here is the road during the daytime.  At night, it seems a lot worse, especially for a 2wd vehicle.  

Not what I wanted to see ahead of me after a long day of following Francis' driving instructions

When we reached the woman's home, we prayed for her husband who suffered from blindness.   He told us his seeing improved with the prayers.  My heart went out to this family.  In the past, they were a prosperous, upper middle class family with a successful business selling stones from the quarry.  The problem was, people knew they had money, and their home was located far from the town in the middle of the bush.  In Africa, this combination of factors makes you a target for armed gangs.  Their home was raided five times by thugs.  They would lock themselves inside their home behind the iron bars, but the thugs had ways of getting inside.  On one occasion the thugs broke a window, poured some gasoline inside, and lit a match.  The family was forced to come out, and to allow all their possessions to be taken.  The father was too old and blind to do very much, and the boys were too young to put up a fight.  

So now the family is living there with very few possession, and a destroyed business.   Crime can really destroy a family's prospects in Africa.  If you live far from other people, you can really be in danger.  As you drive along the highway, you may see abandoned buildings.  In many cases, these buildings were abandoned because they were located too far from other homes.  Armed gangs came and took everything, until eventually the owners gave up and left.  Sometimes the gangs raped and murdered the inhabitants.  

We prayed for the family, and I felt the Lord's peace and protection descending upon them.  I believe that they will never again be robbed in this way.  

Saturday morning, we continued on to Nairobi.  We visited some of Francis friends, and held a meeting with them.  Saturday evening, I left to finish some of my own business in Nairobi.  

The main reason I joined Francis is because he is a part of our ministry here at UMS, and I wanted to see what kind of work he is doing out in the field.  Francis will be moving to the UMS school, and will be leading evangelistic teams into difficult areas.  The things I respect most about Francis is his boldness, his faith, and his tireless preaching of the gospel.  

Time is short.  We don't have years to spend slowly reaching out to the Islamic world with a lot of development projects, hoping that one or two of them will appreciate our generosity and listen to what we have to say.  We need to go and preach the gospel boldly, without fear, without being intimidated, without waiting too long, without trying to "buy" their acceptance of us.  The power of the gospel alone is more than enough to reach them.   

 There are so many Muslims who are hungry for the gospel, if the church is willing to go and preach the gospel.  God will confirm His word with innumerable signs and wonders, if only we do our part.  Francis is doing a good job of preaching this great gospel, and it is a privilege to work with him here at UMS.