Friday, July 27, 2012

Kenya Trip Update

Its was kind of a long day of travel, lots of connections.  Here are Ruby and Elisa lying down on the floor of the airport in Addis Adaba, Ethiopia, waiting for their final flight to Kenya.  They look kind of grumpy to me.  

Here is Ruby at the hotel in Kilifi, Kenya after she got a few hours sleep.  We went windsurfing together yesterday.  It was kind of a disaster for me, but Ruby picked it up quickly and was soon sailing across the water.

Elisa is making a worship CD here in Kenya from some of the songs that she has written.  There is wonderful Kenyan family that has a worship band, and travels together in different parts of Kenya.  They are helping Elisa with her CD.  Here they are practising.  Today they are in the studio, recording.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Family Time in Kenya

I have been traveling in and out of Kenya for many years.  During the past few years, I have been spending up to five months of the year traveling, often in Africa, usually alone.  This week, I will be traveling in Africa with my two oldest daughters for the first time.  I trust that the trip will provide a good introduction to Africa for them.  I'll post a few updates describing the trip as we travel next week.

Elisa Joy Martin

This is Elisa Joy, my oldest daughter.  She has grown up a little bit since this photo was taken.   During recent years, she has become a powerful worship leader, writing many songs.  You can read her testimony HERE.  And  HERE is a video of her playing the piano and playing a song she wrote.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Blueprints of Ukunda Mission School

Here are the blueprints of the school we are planning to build in Ukunda.  This building will enable us to house and train approximately 25 full time students.  The plans include an apartment for the school principal and his family, a classroom, kitchen facilities, office, and dormitories (each bed shown on the plan is either a bunkbed for two or three people).
Estimated construction cost: $120000.  Please contact me if you would like to donate to this project.

Ukunda Missions School History

Ukunda Missions School

(This history was written in 2012, before the school began.  Now, in April, 2016 Ukunda Missions School has already graduated three classes of missionaries.  Five Mission Bases have been established in the Islamic communities of East Africa.  Our graduates are serving the Lord as missionaries in these bases and elsewhere.   Hundreds of Muslims are turning to the Lord.)

How it all started

The year was 1990. I was a nineteen years old college student who was excited about preaching the gospel and planting churches in Africa. Propelled by a mixture of Holy Spirit inspired zeal and the ambition of youth, I took several missions trips to Africa. I believed that if I just walked in faith, God would do great works through me.

Some remarkable things did take place in those days. During one six week college
vacation, a college friend and I decided to go to Africa to start a church. We chose a town near the coast that had few churches, a town where many people were bound by witchcraft and ancestor worship. My Kenyan friend Mbali helped us organize the mission.

Looking back now, it seems like foolishness to try to start a church during a college holiday. But we went in faith, prayed and fasted and the Lord brought things together. A team gathered around us, including a man who had left his job because God had called him to become a pastor in that town. We held an evangelistic crusade, and preached the gospel in the homes of that area. Many people were healed, and many gave their hearts to the Lord. When our vacation came to an end, a church had been planted in that town, a church that remains there to this day.