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Duruma community is found in the South Coast of Kenya.  It is located in the interior parts of Kwale County.  The place is quite remote characterized by scarcity of water, poor infrastructure and lack of adequate social amenities. Different faiths predominate here including traditionalists, Muslims and Christians.

The Duruma largely maintain their traditional family-village farming and herding life.  Many children are malnourished, and malaria is rife.  The Duruma are considered to be about 30% Christian. Literacy, however, is only about 50%.  Girls get married as early as twelve years.  Missionaries found one woman of about 40 years of age who already had great grandchildren.


Traditional religion is strong in this land and it is evident as you walk around.  Most people have charms openly exposed in their necks, wrists, and waist.  It is meant to protect them from an evil eye and ward off wicked spirits that may try to harm their lives.  Traditional shrine is also found in the area where elders go to make sacrifices to appease the ancestors.  They have a resting day known as 'Jummah'.  The elders have it that everybody should rest and and no working at.  In case they find anybody doing some work like tilling the garden, they get you out and make you pay heavy fine.


When Pastor Emmanuel of East African Pentecostal Church was confronted one time in his garden by these elders, he stood his ground and informed them that he is a Christian and obeys the law of the country not of particular tribe group.  They got furious and threatened to take the matter further and inform the local chief.  He was not moved and waited boldly to face the consequences but nothing was done and nobody dared to threaten any more.  He has since gone round freely doing his chores as he desires any day of the week.  He has also encouraged the believers not to fear or compromise their faith on the ground of traditional observance.

Welcome dance in Duruma land at Pastor Ernest's home

However, the Duruma people are very welcoming and love foreigners. They are moderately responsive to the gospel.   Pastor Ernest Korir has been working here as a missionary for few years and has gradually been transforming the community holistically.  They have in turn loved him and incorporated him as one of them.  They have given him their native name and called him Tsuma.  The villagers talk well of him everywhere and even those who are not born again consider him as their pastor.  In early February, he hosted the students from Ukunda Mission School for few days to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Where they spent the nights

When the first group of students arrived, they were warmly welcomed with jubilant songs and dances.  It was so marvellous that it gave the students new energy to speak the Word of God with a lot of joy.  It was quite adventurous for them as they adjusted to some living conditions such as sleeping out in tents, walking long distances in the scorching heat of the day and bathing with dirt water.  All because of love and the passion for the lost in this land.

Wilson trying to get network from a high place

Public dance at Mgomani

The students were undeterred by living conditions but combed the area sowing the seed of the Word of God.  They had to wake very early in the morning to begin the work which involved person to person evangelism, public worship and would sleep late at night after airing Jesus film. Sometimes they would sleep as late as 1.00 am.

Public worship at Vigurungani Village

Nevertheless, their labour of love were rewarded by having many souls accepting Jesus Christ in their lives.  Many others were healed and delivered from various infirmities.  It was refreshing to see God Himself at work in this region.  The locals are truly thirsty for God.  It was discovered that there are many who have not heard about Jesus.

Carol preaching to Mgomani villagers

When Mary the student leader at UMS led her group for outreach, she asked one woman whether she knows Jesus, she answered, "I do see  Him in the pictures".  Almost similar case was experienced by the previous class of students in the same region during their outreach.  One missionary tried to explain to a man about names that are written in the Book of Life. The man innocently asked, "are you the one writing them?"


Isaac preaching at Vigurungani Centre

Public dance at Vigurungani Centre

A villager dances to the tune

Definitely there is need for more labourers in this vineyard.  The ground is ready and the harvest is ripe.  We pray to the Lord of harvest to send them soon.                                               

Crowd watching Jesus Film at Vigurungani village

Victor ministering to the crowd after airing Jesus Film