Friday, January 16, 2015


Missionaries from Ukunda Mission School have been reaching out to inmates in Kwale Prison.  This is where a twenty four year young man known as Kennedy Njoroge got in contact with them. He had been charged of stealing offense which under the Kenyan law was supposed to serve a two year sentence.  In prison Kennedy used to preach to his inmates though he was not born again. After the encounter with missionaries he did not receive Jesus then but he believed God for amnesty. God answered his prayers and soon afterwards he was released from prison after serving only one and half years in prison. 
Ken sharing the Word with Kwale inmates

Kennedy speaking to the inmates in Kwale Prison

Not knowing what to do with his life now that he was determined to live a clean life; Kennedy decided to find the whereabouts of missionaries to help him start a new life and grow spiritually.  

He managed to locate the school and was granted accommodation and the necessary guidance. It is here that Kennedy gave his life to Jesus and few months later he was back to the same prison to tell his former inmates of a new life he had found.

Today, Kennedy is one of the students in Ukunda Mission School with a vision to reach the hard-lined criminals.  With the grace of God we believe it will come to pass.

Kennedy conducting Discovery Bible Study with inmates

Ken Ngoje assisting inmate find a Scripture
Wilson teaching the inmates of Kwale Prison

Reading the Word together

Catherine and Olivia teaching the Word to the inmates


Chad Chai hails from Giriama community in Takaungu (Kilifi County).  Even after civilization having reached many years before in this region, Chad Chai and some of her people have not fully embraced it. She is a traditionalist who worships her ancestors and doesn't attend any church.  She hasn’t been convinced as to why she should be fully dressed.  Though many have tried to offer clothes and convince her to dress up, she sometimes wears but removes them soon afterwards. She feels she wants to extend her traditional beliefs to the next generation.  Her age is unknown but is estimated to be in her sixties.

Chad Chai preparing her meal

When Takaungu missionaries from Ukunda Mission School first saw her, she was working in her farm some distance away from their home.  At first they were shocked thinking she was insane, only to discover she was a nearby neighbor in her full sound mind.  They became compassionate and discussed among themselves how they could help her live and dress like the rest of society and more so know about the Savior.   They approached her and made a good relationship and invited her to their missionary base. She was excited of the concern and few days later began to visit them. She has since visited them severally and discussed many issues.  

Hellen, Victoria and Gladys have brought her close and shown her the unlimited love of God.  Through this, Chad has  developed great interest to learn more about God. She pays them many visits and is very eager to learn. Missionaries’ faith is undeterred as they believe soonest possible her life will be fully transformed inside out. facebook