Thursday, June 25, 2015


Mwanaisha is an elderly Muslim woman in Watta community in Tana River County in northern coast of Kenya.  Lucy and Janet met her as  they visited her village in the month of March 2015.  Here is their story:

As we went round doing outreach, we entered a certain village known as Watta.   We visited various families and preached the Gospel to them.  As we entered one of the homesteads, we found some ladies preparing foodstuff to cook.  They gave us a warm welcome mixed with curiosity as we appeared strangers to them. We introduced our names and told them we were preachers.  We went further to ask them whether they had heard or known prophet Isa.  “Yes” they replied.  Janet asked, “How do you know him?”  “As a prophet who did miracles” one lady replied.  We took note of that quickly and asked them whether they would want Him to perform a miracle for them.  They told us that their grandmother who was inside the house had been ailing for the last three years.  She had a swollen stomach and was not able to eat anything.  She had survived on fluids which most of the times she would vomit out.  They had taken her for medical treatment but the doctors had failed to diagnose the disease.  They had all lost hope of her living and were just waiting for death anytime.  They requested for prayers so that Isa may heal her.  They took us inside their house where their granny of about 75 years was sleeping facing the wall. When we tried to speak to her, her voice was not audible and we couldn’t communicate.

Lucy and Janet during ministry times

Janet has basic experience in medical field since her mother was a nurse and used to train her on various diseases.  In this case, when she observed Mwanaisha closely, she was able to detect that she was suffering from liver cirrhosis.

We were really moved with compassion and our faith got stirred up.  We prayed intensively for about ten minutes, rebuking all sickness in her body.  Then suddenly, her stomach shrank.  We stopped praying and began to give God thanks for the healing miracle on Mwanaisha.

All this time her four granddaughters aged between 17 and 20 were watching saying nothing.  They were stunned by that occurrence as they had been very desperate of the state of their grandmother. We turned to them and asked if they would want to receive Christ who had healed their granny.  Without argument or further discussion they all agreed without hesitation.  We led them in prayer of repentance as they gave their lives to the Lord.  After, we sat down to encourage them and explain further the Scriptures.

 It was really an inspiring moment as we sought deeper into the Word of God.  When we rose up to go back to our missionary base, the ladies requested us to go back again and have more Bible teachings.  We made plans to have weekly Bible Study in their home.

75 year old Mwanaisha

One week later we went back to Watta village.  This time there was a different scenario on Mwanaisha.  She sat on her mattress talking merrily with her granddaughters. She couldn’t hide her joy when she saw us.  It was a great time together as we focused on the goodness of God.   Before leaving, we spoke the message of eternity to Mwanaisha and like all her four granddaughters, she opened her heart and received Jesus in her life. 

Tana River has recently experienced strong insecurity issues as some people have been attacking others at gun point.  This has moved the government to ban movement during various hours.    This has restricted our visit to various villages including Watta.  However, we met one of the relatives of Mwanaisha on the road one day and she informed us that Mwanaisha had fully recovered and was doing well. We earnestly long to see her soon and we are looking forward to the day when the curfew will be lifted off from this region.
To God be all the glory.


Takaungu is a small rural village situated on the Kenyan Coast in Kilifi CountyThe population consists of Swahili Muslims, mostly living in or near the town center and a sizable Christian community in the countryside that surrounds it.
The primary languages are Kigiriama, used predominantly by the local Giriama tribe (part of the broader group of Coastal tribes called Mijikenda, meaning "nine villages") and Kiswahili.
For the past one year, Ukunda Mission School has commissioned three lady missionaries to spread the Gospel in this particular region.  Gladys worked here until she moved to a different locality and Angel replaced her.  Hellen is the eldest of them but strong and energetic with unquenchable zeal to reach the lost.  Victoria Ulomi has worked tirelessly alongside them. These three have witnessed the power of God working upon them and here is one of their exploits:

As we were walking on the road one day during our outreaches, we found a certain man whom we came to know later as Sharo sleeping by the road side half unconscious. On the side was a woman standing and watching in confusion as what to do next.  We got concerned and drew near to inquire what was going on. We could hardly hear the man speak as he kept touching his stomach.  The woman explained to us that Sharo was having stomach problems. He could feel something grip and move from the lower part of his abdomen to the upper part causing severe pain.  

Gladys Mwikali prays for divine healing on Sharo

He had been in this tormenting situation for four years and sometimes it would become unbearable and he would writhe in pain. Sometimes he could take a stone, heat it in fire and then rub it on his stomach to relieve pain. This had left him with ugly marks on his body.  He had visited various hospitals for medical treatment but nothing had worked.  The doctors could not diagnose the sickness but gave him some medication to ease pain.

Hellen Thairu prays on

It was a pathetic situation as the man looked helpless with no hope for anything.  It was a pitiful situation and we struggled to hold back our tears as we listened to the story.  Since there were people passing by, we asked the Lord to give him strength to be able to rise and walk in the nearby church where we could minister to him without interruptions. God heard our prayers and after few minutes he gained some strength and rose up and slowly we walked to Kaoyeni Church.  

We laid our hands on his stomach and began to pray for divine healing.  Immediately, he began to roll on the ground uncontrollably in a very strange manner.  We persisted in prayer vigorously until he calmed down.   We took our breath for about ten minutes and then he rose up. 
The first thing he asked for was a place to relieve himself.  He went and came back excitedly muttering these words, “this is a wonder! This is a wonder! I have not been relieving myself for a long time!  This is a wonder that I have been able to relieve myself. You are servants of God!”

Sharo rejoices at the healing power of God
At that point, the wife to pastor Michael who was with us in Kaoyeni church ministering, rushed into her house and prepared some porridge and brought it to him. Immediately he finished the cup of porridge he ran back to the restroom.  He came back still excited with the wonder of being able to relieve himself. 

He expressed how happy he was to be able to take porridge without suffering stomachache.  He told us that since he got sick, anytime he could see food, his stomach would begin to ache. It had been a very bad situation that had robbed him the joy of living.

After, we took opportunity to preach to him the message of salvation and asked him whether he would like to receive Jesus in his life.  He was more than ready and therefore we led him to salvation.  We advised him to be coming to Kaoyeni church where pastor Michael was in charge. Wednesday seemed favorable since there was a church fellowship going on. This would be appropriate for him for he would be taught the Word and at the same time we would have time to disciple him.

His home was a bit far away from this church and since he had not gained enough strength to walk long distance, pastor Michael offered to be paying for his motorbike transport every time he would come.  Sharo obeyed and began to attend the church fellowship. After three consecutive attendances, we got committed to other matters and we could not make it for the fellowship.  Therefore we left him under the care of pastor Michael to nurture him to spiritual maturity.

Every time we inquire of him, we receive good report of his healing and spiritual growth.  He has become a committed member in Kaoyeni church and never misses a service. We praise God for using us to reveal His unfailing kindness to a total stranger on the road.  Glory be unto Him.