Friday, November 21, 2014



Hussein is the firstborn in a Muslim family of seven children. When he was five years old a coconut fell from a tree and hit his head. He got severe brain damage which made him lose speech and coordination and had stunted growth.  His family couldn't raise funds for his treatment and Hussein had lived in that state for ten years.  He couldn't go to school like the rest of children nor play with his peers. Hussein was completely withdrawn and kept crying without any reason. The mother kept hoping that a good Samaritan would come along and take Hussein for medical treatment.

 In one of local outreaches in the month of June 2014, a team missionaries from Ukunda Mission School led by Pastor Ken Ngoje bumped into their home where they were warmly welcomed by their mother. After a casual chat she explained  his case.  The missionaries then took time and explained to her the love of God and His power to heal.  She was desperate for her son and could do anything that would restore his health. She therefore allowed them to pray for him and the whole family without hesitation.  Pastor Ken prayed fervently and declared healing upon Hussein in the Name of Jesus as the rest believed with him.  After prayers, there was no tangible evidence of any healing upon Hussein but Ken assured them that God had began his work of healing upon him and they should expect changes from then on.  Numerous visit to the home were made afterwards with more prayers made and Bible teaching.  Two months later Hussein's family began to register tremendous changes on him.  He had become active, joyous and above all, he was able to speak few simple words.  It was a great encouragement to the missionaries.  Five months afterwards, Hussein can now speak properly and coordinates things well and is whole like any other normal child. He has also grown tall and strong as per his age. The last time we visited, we didn't find him at home for he had gone to get water for domestic use from the neighborhood. When he came back, he was very excited to see us and began to demonstrate the skills of one of the sports he had been trained by his uncle.

The mother has given her life to Christ and joined Ukunda Mission Church.  She has also introduced them to her elderly mother and her elder sister's family whom are attending Discovery Bible Study together with her at least once or twice a week. To God be the glory.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How does a man who has never read the Bible or visited a church come to salvation?

So much has been happening here at UMS, that it is difficult to keep track of all the testimonies.  Literally hundreds of Muslims have given their hearts to Jesus Christ during the past month.  Many people have been healed.   There has also been more than one crisis, but God always makes a way to go forward in all situations.

I know I have not done a very good job of keeping this blog updated, but I will try to put up at least a  few posts during the next few days regarding some recent testimonies.

Bukhari is a young  Muslim man who lived near Ukunda Mission School.  One month ago, Bukhari started have dreams and visions that turned his life upside down.  In one of the dreams, Bukhari  saw a book with a cross on the cover.  In the morning, he told his parents about the dream, and they told him that they needed to consult a witchdoctor with him to discern the dream's meaning.  Bukhari refused this suggestion, convinced that a witchdoctor could not help him.

The dreams continued, and Bukhari became more and more unsettled.  His family began to suspect that Bukhari wanted to become a Christian.  Eventually the confronted him.  They chased him from his home, and told him to never come back again.

Now  Bukhari roamed the streets of Ukunda, looking for food to eat and a place to stay.  A woman invited him to come and stay with her in her house.  Bukhari didn't feel comfortable with the situation, but in the end he went and stayed with her.

Two days ago, Bukhari had another dream.  In this dream, he saw two people clothed in red.  They carried the same book with the cross on its cover.  They told him that nobody would help him except this book.  Then they handed over the book to him.  He tried to read it, but then he woke up.

When he woke up at midnight, he heard worship music playing nearby.  The students at UMS have been spending nights in prayer, usually praying between 12 and 3am.  We worship and pray together.  Bukhari heard the worship music playing, and he couldn't sleep.  The woman he was with asked him what was wrong, and he told her that he had received a terrible dream that he would explain in the morning.

In the morning he shared the dream with the lady.     He told her that he felt that what they were doing was wrong, that it wasn't right for them to continue sleeping together.  He told her that he wanted to become a Christian.   When the woman heard these things, she became enraged, and her face became pale.   She told  Bukhari to go and take a bath while she prepared tea for breakfast.

When Bukhari returned from his bath, he discovered that the woman had put his clothes in a pile and set them on fire.  She told him to go to the UMS school and let those Christians buy clothes for him.  She warned him that if he went to the church, he could never return to her again.

It was now Sunday morning.  Bukhari really wanted to go to the church, but now the only clothes he owned was his towel.  So he left the house clothed in his towel.  Eventually one of his old friend had mercy on him and gave him some clothes.

At 4pm on Sunday afternoon, Bukhari e arrived at Ukunda Missions Church, and told the students, "I want to give my life to this Jesus."  After praying with them and giving his heart to the Lord, he questioned them, "Isn't there something else that Christians do when someone becomes a Christian?  Isn't there something that you do with water?"

The students explained water baptism to Bukhari.  He responded, " I don't want to go home with incomplete salvation.  I want to be baptized!"

So on Monday morning, Bukhari arrived at the school to be baptized.  The students offered him breakfast, but he refused, saying "I will not eat until I have been baptized."

And so yesterday we baptized Bukhari in the Indian Ocean.